Holiday Help Campaign

The holidays are a time of family, good food, thanksgiving and celebration. While most of us look forward to this season with great anticipation and excitement, for those living in marginalized circumstances this is often not the case. Many are unable to provide even the most basic needs for either themselves or their loved ones. Sadly, this can lead to depression, overwhelm and a deep sense of hopelessness.

With this in mind, we invite you to join our HOLIDAY HELP CAMPAIGN so that together we can offer good cheer and much needed relief to hundreds of hurting families and children during the holiday season. We need your help; whether it be an investment of your time, resources, joining us as a sponsor and/or financial donations.  YOU CAN HELP US to reach our goal to serve more than 6000 Twin Cities families in need of Thanksgiving Grocery Baskets, Hot Meals and Adopt-A-Family Holiday Gifts for their children! Each year, in partnership with Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities and several host site partners, we provide Thanksgiving Grocery Baskets, delicious hot Holiday Meals and LOTS OF LOVE for up to 5,000 local families struggling to make ends meet. In addition, we partner with several generous sponsors including Living Word Christian Center and 7 host site partners in order to offer an Adopt-A-Family shopping with dignity program for more than 1000 families in need.

Join our HOLIDAY HELP CAMPAIGN today and help make a BIG difference for a family in need during the HOLIDAYS!

More Information

Holiday Help Campaign – One Pager (PDF)


We’re very pleased to be able to work together with generous sponsors, such as yourself and our partner Living Word Christian Center, in order to host a shopping with dignity experience for 1058 Adopt-A- Family holiday sponsorship’s including 12 families that received an EXTREME sponsorship to cover a larger need ($2500 donor contribution or more). Participate in our shopping with dignity opportunity which enables parents/legal guardians to choose the holiday gifts that best meet the needs and interests of their particular children.

PLEASE NOTE: Our greatest need is for sponsors to provide support for youth ages 13-17 (including homeless youth).  We are very grateful whenever a generous sponsor offers support for a child in need within our program.  Sadly; however, most of the holiday resources available through other holiday programs are primarily geared for younger children ages 0-12 years old. In order to meet the needs of the entire family, we are asking our kind sponsors to consider giving toward the older children so that they are not the overlooked and forgotten ones.  Will you help us to meet this need?


“Thank you for the very nice gifts and grocery cards. We are very happy and grateful. We wish you a merry Christmas!”

Thank you so much. My family and I are forever grateful for the many blessings and prayers.”

“My family and I would like to thank you for all the gifts you have gifted us with. This holiday is very important to us. We really appreciate you and your help in making our Christmas a better holiday. Our words cannot express how much we value your kindness. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. May God bless you for all the things you have done!”

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To sponsor a child or a family, please visit our sponsor link or we invite you to email and request our Adopt-A-Family sponsor application at

Make a difference today by HELPING OTHERS and CHANGING LIVES!

For more information, please email Shawn at

Holiday Help for Those Who Are Experiencing Homelessness

Each year during the holidays many of our caring supporters have asked if we do anything for those who suffer from homelessness.  The answer is yes! We do help those without permanent shelter by distributing new or gently used coats donated by our partner Pilgrim Dry Cleaners, and by collecting and distributing new wool socks.  With this in mind, we invite you to consider donating a pair of new wool socks or to clean out your closet by donating a winter coat for someone in need.  It’s a great way to bring some holiday cheer and much-needed warmth to someone who may otherwise be overlooked during this cold weather time of year.  During the holiday season, this is just another opportunity to generously make a difference for individuals and families in our communities.  Please contact us at for specific drop-off and collection details. 

Thanksgiving Basket Give Away

Thanksgiving should be a time when individuals and families come together in a spirit of gratitude to enjoy a hearty meal and the company of loved ones. Unfortunately, due to ever-growing economic challenges including homelessness, unemployment and under-employment, many cannot share in the festive experience of abundance. With this in mind, Good in the ‘Hood has partnered with Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities in order to provide up to 4,500 Thanksgiving food baskets for families in need during the holiday.

Although we cannot do EVERYTHING we can do SOMETHING. Our SOMETHING is to share all the fixings for a delicious Thanksgiving meal with a struggling family striving to make ends meet during the holiday. In addition to the grocery baskets, each year the Good in the ‘Hood team partners with local churches and civic organizations in order to host over 1,200 delicious Thanksgiving Day meals to 21,727 (unduplicated) individuals. It’s truly a time of good food, festivities, fellowship and fun.

How Does this Work?

It’s really easy! During the month of October, qualified families in need are welcome to register for a food basket and/or to RSVP for the Sharing The Feast meal at one of our approved food shelf program sites. The registered families will be provided with the time, date and location of the food basket distribution. In addition, they will be given information regarding any additional programs and services that are being offered by our organization and partners. It’s a great way for families to get a holiday basket and to get connected with our organization and services. PLEASE JOIN US! We invite you to join with us in reaching hungry families with a personal display of compassion. All you need is a caring heart and a willingness to make a difference. You can help in the following ways:


Join with us (individuals and groups are welcome) by volunteering for our Holiday Help Thanksgiving basket events. The grocery distribution event is held on Saturday, November 23th and the Sharing the Feast meal is scheduled for Thanksgiving Day. Please register early as our volunteer opportunities are limited. To join us, please contact us at and request a volunteer application.


Join with us by inviting and connecting us to those you know that may be interested in volunteering, contributing personal talents and/or in giving food and practical resources that support our Holiday Help efforts. You can partner with us financially by sponsoring a family or families during the holiday. A donation of only $15.00 will sponsor a family of 5 with the fixings for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.